Tote Mixers for Plastic Tote Tanks


Tote Mixers VideosPlastic tote mixers are a new class of mixer which are made possible by several Dynamix innovations. Our plastic tote mixers are a natural and cost effective evolution from stainless steel tote mixing. Dynamix has developed a unique focus in this area and has applied this to the ITM Line of tote mixers.

Our impeller technology (see below), mixer mount and coupling allow the tote mixer to be separated into two distinct components; the Drive Segment and the Agitator Segment. This allows the tote mixer to become a key quality control tool. The agitator segments can remain in the tote fully enclosing it, and assuring no contaminants enter.

Our experience with plastic tote mixers began with stainless steel tote mixers for the Automotive Industry. This unique focus and experience evolved into the plastic tote mixer as a result of the demand for quality mixing in plastic totes.

The ITM Tote mixer line can be applied to any tote type; rotationally molded, or a blow molded plastic tote, the Dynamix tote mixer line can be selected and applied for your process.

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Collapsible Impellers for Tank Mixers Our 4 Bladed Collapsible Impellers enter through the small openings of the plastic tote. These impellers expand during mixing and collapse after for easy removal. Impellers are available in Dynaflow, Pitch and Radial type impellers. This ensures that the correct type of mixing quality will be achieved.


arrowMOTORS HP RANGE – 1/4 TO 2 HP
Air, electric, variable speed, explosion-proof, and more
arrowGEAR REDUCTION – DIRECT, 5:1, 10:1, 21:1
Low RPM mixing with substantial torque available
arrowMOUNTING – Integrated Tote Mount “ITM”, Bridge or Stainless Steel Drum Lid
Mounting suits all major brands of plastic totes
Available in Dynaflow, Pitch and Radial types to ensure quality mixing


Note: We do not have one single model for tote mixers.

We have tote mixers for each type of tote container and multiple configurations to address all the challenges of tote mixing.

If you are unsure of your tote or tank design just contact us directly or request a quote with the information that you have.

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