Solution Assurance for Agitators and Mixers


The difference between a Product and a Solution is the specific value added by a Solution. A Product is generically designed for a wide range of applications. This “one size fits all” approach is driven by economies of scale instead of end user needs. A Solution is designed according to specific client needs.

Problems with Settling or Separation?


Mixing is a Primary

Product Quality Control Tool

When properly sized and selected, your mixer
will ensure your product uniformity.

Product Uniformity = Product Quality

Low RPM, High Torque Mixer

The Dynamix Approach:

After defining your mixing objective, we balance the power and pumping requirements of a specific impeller with the torque required to achieve uniformity. Your drive may cost a little more, but the increase in product quality control and savings in process time cover this cost immediately.

By achieving true axial flow mixing, we can guarantee the time to uniformity. This is our process guarantee – Our Solution Assurance.

The Result = Uniformity of Solids & Fluid

Don’t accept a high speed mixer…

When you use an “off-the-shelf” mixing solution
uniformity and product quality are compromised.

A High Speed Mixer
Will not fully involve your tank.

The Problem:

Using a high RPM motor with a small propeller introduces high shear – and more importantly, it only creates a small area of influence.

The Result:

Poor product quality control with an increased risk of product damage, and a mixture that does not reach uniformity.

High RPM, High Horsepower Mixer

This is why we ask for:

  • Specific Gravity
  • Product Viscosity
  • Particle Size
  • Settling Rate
  • Tank Configuration

This information, combined with our quality mixer engineering, allows us to guarantee your mixing time to uniformity.

When the question is “Which mixer will ensure your product quality?”, we not only join your Process Engineering team by designing our industrial mixers, we also join your Quality Assurance team by supplying our Solution Assurance Guarantee.

Be sure to ask your Dynamix representative if our Solution Assurance GuaranteeĀ is available with your Dynamix Agitator.


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Solution Assurance Guarantee
By achieving true axial flow mixing in your application, we can guarantee the time to uniformity. We call this our process guarantee - Our Solution Assurance.

Mixing Experience with Solutions