Mixing 101: 4 Impeller Types & Their Applications

The Importance of Impeller Selection

We first mentioned impellers in our blog discussing 4 factors for configuring your mixer. In this post, we will look more closely at impeller types and their applications.

The impeller is the component of a mixer that does the actual mixing and produces the results. That’s because when it rotates, it creates fluid flow and shear patterns. While there are many types of impellers, there are 4 main types we use when engineering mixers.

The 4 Main Impeller Types

1. Airfoil

Generally most efficient because it produces the maximum pumping with the lowest shear.

Standard Dynaflow ImpellerHigh Solidity Dynaflow Impeller
Standard Dynaflow™High Solidity Dynaflow™ for
Gas Dispersion

2. Pitch Blade

Ideal for viscous mixtures and for applications requiring a combination of pumping and shearing.

Standard Pitch P4 ImpellerModified High Efficiency Pitch Impeller
Standard Pitch P4Modified High Efficiency Pitch

3. Radial Blade

Ideal for applications where shear is the primary requirement, or where agitation close to the bottom of the tank is desired.

Radial Blade Impeller
Radial Blade

4. Marine-Type Propellers

Ideal for low-viscosity, high-speed direct drive mixers.

Propeller Blade
Propeller Blade


The mixer you need depends on your process and the chemicals you use in that process. If you’re interested in learning more about mixing solutions for your process, post a comment or email us at [email protected].

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Brian James the author

Dynamix Agitators incorporates over 45 years of industrial mixing experience into its industrial mixer models and the processes they are part of. Our mixers and agitators are configured to suit your process and application.

  1. siti says:

    i want to design a cream and lotion mixing tank.i need to choose a suitable impeller for my mixing tank.our main substance is water.so, i want to ask for the suitable impeller and power of the impeller.thank you.

    • Brian James says:

      Hello, and thank you for your submission.
      Unfortunately we do not design mixers for the creams you are considering. You will need an emulsifier. You can find this at Silverson.com
      Good luck!

  2. mehdi says:

    I want to design a mixer to solve a degreaser powder in water . which is the best impeller? water volume is 600 liters . what HP for electric motor is enough?

    • Brian James says:

      Hello, and thank you for your submission.
      Considering that you are using a powder you will want to consider a higher shear impeller. A small diameter pitch impeller at high rpm (>500rpm) should work. Without more information, I would also emphasize the importance of adding your powder progressively. Do not allow the powder to agglomerate by dumping the powder rapidly into the water.

  3. Klinsmann says:

    Hey, Good day!
    Can you guide me on the most suitable type and size of propeller for a 8m^3 of Coagulation – Flocculation tank with a diameter of 2.3m and height of 2.1m ? Where Coagulation will have a 120rpm and 3rpm for flocculation. Also, what do you suggest, whether to put two propellers(top and bottom with a height difference of 1.05m) or just one?

    • Brian James says:

      Typically, we recommend going with a Dynaflow impeller, as this type of airfoil impeller will allow you to maximize the mixing level while maintaining floc formation. This is due to tip speeds allowance being greater for airfoil type blades compared to pitch type impellers.

      Also, we typically try to the size the impellers to approximately 1/3 the tank diameter after considering other parameters such as G-value, HP, and mixing level. We usually employ dual impellers if the aspect ratio (tank diameter to tank height) is greater than 1.5. In your case I would only suggest 1 impeller. At the rpms you refer, I would suggest a Dynaflow impeller roughly 30” in diameter at 120rpm and a 40” Dynaflow at 30rpm.

  4. Sarah says:

    I am trying to mix powders in a rotary vessel. What is the most suitable impeller for this? It is a large volume vessel for use in the laundry powder industry.

    • Brian James says:

      The types of agitators that Dynamix manufactures are used for mixing fluid products. We can mix slurries (powders with liquids) with a conventional paddle-type impeller, but mixing only powders requires a different type of mixer. The best type of impeller for mixing powders is a helical ribbon impeller.

  5. Sayli Patil says:

    Hello, Please guide me what type of impeller is used for oil water mixing. we want to mix 10% Custer Oil and 90% Water.

  6. Obi says:

    Hello, kindly throw more light on your paddle-type impeller. Appreciate if you can give some pictures. I m considering it for mixing detergent slurry. Thanks.2

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