It has been a great challenge for the North American and Global community to fight against rapidly spreading of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). To do its part in the call for domestic manufacturers, the Dynamix Team has taken on the Demand for Hand Sanitzer, in these challenging times.

Here are some great resources to help you get started:

Here is the recipe for hand sanitizer from the World Health Organization (WHO): 

Dynamix mixer configuration takes into consideration the high viscosity challenges when mixing hand sanitizers in a tote. Because, uniformity is critical to the safety and effectiveness of the Hand Sanitizer. Using Carbomers in particular will require attention as the viscosities increase. Therefore, it is critical to get a uniform solution. Large diameter (collapsible) impellers are important to gain the pumping and tank turnover to gain uniformity. 

Following the guidelines from WHO and CDC, Dynamix has found that manufacturers may find it challenging when mixing at high viscosity, stated in the hand sanitizer Standard.

Dynamix looked at recommended recipe, as stated in the guidelines mentioned above, we find that basic ingredients are more than 2/3 of alcohol (Ethanol 96% or Isopropyl alcohol99.8%), Hydrogen peroxide (3%) and Sterile distilled water, along with a viscosity thickener: Glycerol (98%). Alternatively, there is another thickening agent, Carbomer which can beused in lieu of Glycerol, however Carbomer ingredient has proven to be highly viscous and manufacturers face an extra challenge in mixing the hand sanitizer gel. To keep the viscosity within a manageable range for mixing, use Glycerol as a thickener to keep the viscosity lower at 2000 cPs . Carbomer as a thickener may raise the viscosity to 5000 cPs. The main goal is to achieve > 60% to 70 % alcohol in hand sanitizer liquid /gel with other ingredients blended uniformly.

 Please follow the WHO guidelines, below are just the 2 Basic Formulations taken from the WHO PDF guide, listed in  general:

  • Formula 1
    • Ethanol 96%
    • Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
    • Glycerol 98%
    • Sterile distilled or boiled cold water
  • Formula 2
    • Isoprophyl Alcohol 99.8%
    • Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
    • Glycerol 98%
    • Sterile distilled or boiled cold water

A tote mixer configuration for mixing hand sanitizer is as follows:

Dynamix has configured a tote mixer ideal for mixing hand sanitizers.  It a very efficient low-cost solution and no mounting structure is required.  It is a one drive unit which can be used with multiple agitator segments, utilizing Dynamix’s Dynamic Coupling technology.

  • Explosion Proof Motor to prevent Fire Hazard
  • Fully enclosed mixing to prevent contamination
  • Fully enclosed mixing for vapor control
  • Large diameter impeller, high torque pumping for high viscosity (up to 5000 cPs) hand sanitizer liquid /gel
  • Collapsible impellers for standard 275 & 330 gallon plastic Tote mixing.
  • Light weight, Ergonomically designed for single user quick installation
  • Ideal for smaller batch and smooth operations



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Brian James the author

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