Brewing and Distillery Mixers

Customized mixer solutions for your needs

Clamp & Pedestal Mounted Industrial Mixers

The DMX Series line of industrial mixers is our most widely applied line of mixers. This is a true portable industrial mixer, which can be configured to suit your most challenging applications. Your investment in a mixer is largely defined by the duty or service factor of the unit. The DMX Series mixer not only offers some of the highest service factors, but also embodies them with a market leading gearbox.

This heavy-duty but still portable mixer is designed to be portable and flexible enough to be applied to industrial tanks from 300 to 3,000 gallons for all of our industries.

Core to this line of mixers is the portable mixer line.


Large Tank Mixers & Industrial Agitators

Large tank mixers are what our company is known for. The GMX mixer series is designed to handle all of your large tank mixing needs in an economical configuration, without sacrificing durability or efficiency.

High efficiency design configured for medium-duty applications.

  • Parallel shaft with high quality helical gears
  • Gears ground to AGMA 13 quality to provide long and quiet operation
  • Gear hardness – 58 Rockwell C minimum
  • Also available with low profile right angle gearbox

This heavy-duty but still portable mixer is designed to be portable and flexible enough to be applied to industrial tanks from 300 to 3,000 gallons for all of our industries.


Plastic & Stainless Steel Tote Mixer

The Integrated Tote Mixer (ITM) line of mixers, and the innovations it embodies, is the result of years of designing mixers for unique tote applications.

Originally, the integrated tote mixer evolved as a result of a need for quality control in the supply of automotive paint. This paint agitator needed to address the unique demands and limitations of paint mixing in a stainless steel tote.

Soon, industries outside the paint market began to benefit from the quality control enabled by tote mixing with the Dynamix ITM design.

Check out the linked videos for further details about the innovative ITM tote mixer design.


Brewing & Distilling Industry


The brewing and distillary industry requires more than just a food grade mixer. An understanding of the processes involved in Brewing and Distilling is important. Optimizing distillery processes often means balancing energy usage with quality. Distillery processes are energy intensive, especially in the brewhouses where mashing and wort boiling are the main heat consuming sources with high fuel consumption. Water consumption is another factor as it’s a substantial ingredient of beer, composing of 90-95 percent of beer or other spirits and is involved in almost every process.
When mixers are correctly matched to tank size and ingredient mixture, time needed for complete uniformity can be significantly minimized during production, decreasing output wastage as well. Request a Quote to begin a discussion with one of our Application Experts, or to get a quick price quote.

custom configured mixers

Mixer for larger tanks

Keep your product consistent with Dynamix’s line of large mixers: DMX and GMX Series.  Call us today or get a quote.

Mixing in ingredients

Dynamix’s mixers are ideal for mixing in ingredients for your product.  Specially configured to your needs with the right combination of drive, HP and impeller, to meet your mixing objectives.


Dynamix can fit in all the steps in your brewing or distilling process where mixing is needed, helping meet your high product quality standards.
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What our customers are saying:

Dynamix has proven to be a strong cost conscious solution for our mixing needs. Their engineering department has worked well with our tank provers to create mounting integration solutions for multiple projects. Would recommend to colleagues in the industry.
Dynamix has been our company’s choice for ordering mixers for totes and tanks, for years. The products that we receive allow for smoother operation in our setting of a research and development lab, and are also easy to use.
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