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Mixer Solution For Manufacturing Efficiency

2019 was a great year at Dynamix.  We took on some exciting industrial agitator projects.  One such project was with a leading asphalt manufacturer.  Our client, looking to be more efficient in their manufacturing of its asphalt sought out Dynamix for some custom industrial mixer engineering expertise.

Knowing the challenging aspects of asphalt mixing as well as having a long relationship with this clients operations Dynamix was able to tailor this latest mixing design to the operational needs of this client. Knowing how to combine 3 Top Entry Mixers into a tank offered substantial energy savings over using side entry mixers. Further, we were able to recoginise the different batch sizes required in the same tank, and design the mixer for this drawdown situation.  

Despite already using a couple Dynamix’s large industrial agitator/mixers, greater conversations and discovery of their unique requirements of: high heat environment, high viscosity; Dynamix tailored the mixer to address the client’s distinct process and operational requirements.

High Heat and High Viscosity is not a problem for Dynamix. We look further into our relationships with our clients. Intimate knowledge and discussions create superior solutions.

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Brian James the author

Dynamix Agitators incorporates over 45 years of industrial mixing experience into its industrial mixer models and the processes they are part of. Our mixers and agitators are configured to suit your process and application.