The History of Dynamix Agitators Inc.

Our Way of Doing Business

WDynamix Agitators - Mixer Manufactureray back in 1962, a young man sold his first mixer ~ and a life-long passion for the design and engineering of industrial mixers was born…

Established in the early 1970s, Dynamix Agitators initially operated as a pump and mixer distributor under the name Industrial Pumps & Mixers. Through many years of working on large projects with leading mixer manufacturers, the company developed a strong understanding of the science behind industrial mixing, and a deeper understanding of the key pain points that customers faced.

In an industry not known for rapid innovation, Dynamix leveraged decades of engineering expertise to develop an innovative new line of mixers that addressed the common limitations seen throughout the mixing industry.

Dynamix Agitators - Mixer Manufacturer

From process, to application, and even relationship between manufacturer and customer – Dynamix was able to identify and implement improvements to the traditional mixer design, finally bridging the gap between the manufacturer and the needs of the end user.

From the early 70s to the late 90s, the company represented and manufactured mixers servicing the local market in Western Canada, working closely with the Mining, Pulp and Paper, and Water and Wastewater Treatment industries. In 2000, the company shifted its focus to expand throughout North America and beyond.

The North American demand for Dynamix mixers far exceeded expectations. After acquiring larger facilities, the company worked with key clients and developed strategic partnerships with a growing distribution network to meet the increasing demand.

Today, the company engineers and manufactures industrial mixers for all industries and services industrial markets around the world.

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Brian James the author

Dynamix Agitators incorporates over 45 years of industrial mixing experience into its industrial mixer models and the processes they are part of. Our mixers and agitators are configured to suit your process and application.