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Quality Control with Commercial Grade Oil & Gas Mixers

Mud mixing is a key component of any Oil and Gas operation. Control of mud mixing or drilling fluids can be a significant determinant of a drilling operation as related to well bore problems. Management of viscosities, specific gravities, and chemical compositions, are key the mud mixing and the circulation system. Our expertise is in bringing these solutions into uniformity or specification, so that your time and investment in the mud mixture is not lost at the plant. Or more importantly – at the site.

No matter what your chemical composition is, our Chemical & Mechanical Engineers will design and guarantee a mud mixer and the time it takes to bring that into uniformity.

Dynamix has a full line of robust industrial oil and petroleum mud mixers for your applications, from drilling muds and fracking fluids, to asphalt, crude oil and gasoline.

Mixers for Drilling Mud Mixing Mixers for Fraccing Fluids

Eliminate your process flow issues by using Dynamix’s high-pumping, high-torque industrial oil and gas mud mixers:

Robust Mixers


Built with high service factors, so they can withstand the rugged nature of your processes and environments.

Customized Mixers


Engineering a mixing solution for your process means your drilling fluids are brought to specification with the control you need.

Portable Mixers


The ITM Series tote mixers can also be powered by hydraulic lines, so they can go where you need them, when you need them.


Mixers for Oil & Gas Processes

NMX Series Industrial Mixers GMX Series Industrial Mixers DMX Series Portable Mixers ITM Series Tote Mixers MMX Series Drum Mixers

Oil & Gas Mixers


Dynamix’s experts in oil and gas mixing systems will seek to understand your process, select the right mixer, and provide you with a complete mixing solution. By understanding your process, including blending time, tank design, viscosity and density, we’re able to configure mixers specifically for your application. This in-depth knowledge is what also makes it possible for us to offer our Solution Assurance, which helps you set the uniformity and cycle time of your process.

The result? Uniformity, right when you need it.


Submit a quote request online, or call us directly at 1-877-331-0045 to find out how we can optimize the quality of your application results.

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