GMX Series Large Tank Mixers


Large tank mixers are at the heart of heavy industry Energy and Natural Resources, and large tank mixers are what our company is known for. The GMX mixer series is designed to handle all of your large tank mixing needs in an economical configuration, without sacrificing durability or efficiency.

High efficiency design configured for medium-duty applications (2,000 to 10,000 gallons)

  • Parallel shaft with high quality helical gears
  • Gears ground to AGMA 13 quality to provide long and quiet operation
  • Gear hardness – 58 Rockwell C minimum
  • Also available with low profile right angle gearbox
GMX 8000 Series Tank Mixer

Process and Storage Tanks require industrial agitators of varying levels of “duty”. The GMX Series mixers can be used as an industrial agitator in many large tanks, but typical configurations offer a unique economical solution to large tank mixing.

GMX Series Mixer


arrowMOTORS HP RANGE – 1 to 5 HP
Standard NEMA C-face motors
arrowGEAR – Minimum Service Factor of 1.5
Ensures continuous operation under heavy loads
arrowMOUNT – Plate, Flange
Plate, Flange or Angle Mount, Angle or Offset Mounting configurations available to avoid the need for baffles, and optimize mixing
arrowBEARINGS – Heavy-Duty
Over-sized, tapered heavy duty output roller bearings are rated for an L-Life over 100,000 hours, and can withstand the heaviest loads.
arrowOIL SEALS – Quardrillip Seals
Protects gearbox from the environment and offers redundant protection of your application from contamination
arrowHOUSING – SAE 30 Gray Iron
Strong and Rigid
arrowSHAFT MOUNTING – Hollow quill assembly
Types include hollow quill coupling for ease of field assembly
arrowIMPELLERS – High Efficiency Pitch
Bridges the benefits of our P4 Pitch impeller and the low shear of our P3B impeller. The design benefits of this impeller include easy installation and an economical price. *Other impellers also available
arrowMATERIALS – Available in all machinable metal
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel other Coatings Available

Note: We do not have one single model for large tank mixing. We custom engineer this heavy-duty class of mixers for each application.

Dynamix engineers this product line according to your application and process. Our Chemical and Mechanical Engineers come from various process industries and will work to understand and develop your design requirements.

If you are unsure of your industrial tank design…


Submit a quote request online, or call us directly at 1-877-331-0045 to find out how we can optimize the quality of your application results.

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