MMX Series 55 Gallon Drum Mixer


55 gallon drum mixers are some of the most widely used mixers in the process industries. That is why the Dynamix drum mixer line offers several option for your drum type. The MMX 1000 Series mixer is primarily a 55 gallon drum mixer with options that adapt to various drum types; 55 gallon drum or less.  Plastic or stainless steel. Open or closed head drum.

For light-duty or small tank applications we also offer the MMX 2000 Series mixer. The MMX 2000 Series offers economy in larger applications. The MMX line is largely focused on small volume 45, 50 or 55 gallon drum mixer applications.

MMX 1000
Bung Mount MMX 1000 Bung Mount - 55 Gallon Drum Mixer
MMX 1000
Drum Lid Mount MMX 1000 Drum Lid Mount - 55 Gallon Drum Mixer
MMX 1000
Universal Drum Mount MMX 1000 Universal Drum Lid Mount - 55 Gallon Drum Mixer
MMX 2000
Clamp Mount MMX 2000 Clamp Mount - 55 Gallon Drum Mixer
Unique to this series is the Universal Drum Mount (UDM). This mount improves mixing in closed head drums (2″NPT Bung) and uniquely mounts to open head drums as well. This innovation earns the title “Universal”, as it can adapt to any 55 gallon drum type.

All of our MMX Models can be selected according to your specifications.

MMX 1000 Series - Universal MountMMX 1000 SERIES DRUM MIXER
Universal Drum Mount
This unique drum or barrel mixer mount enables mixing in open or closed head drums with the same mixer. *See UDM PAGE Universal mounting can fit onto the rim of an open head drum or onto the 2″ bung opening of a closed head drum. Angle mounting enables the impeller to be positioned for maximum impeller diameter and maximum drum mixing. Available with collapsible impellers for use on closed head drums with 2″ NPT Port.


MMX 2000 Series - Light Duty Clamp MountMMX 2000 SERIES DRUM MIXER
Light-Duty Clamp Mount
This economy mixer is lightweight and portable. This clamp mounting is easily mounted to 55 gallon drums or standard tanks. It is keyed for secure positioning through 30-degrees on the horizontal axis. This flexibility allows users to adapt this mixer to different tanks and application requirements.



MMX 1000 Series - Bung MountMMX 1000 SERIES DRUM MIXER
Bung Mount
This 55 gallon drum mixer features fully enclosed mixing and collapsible impellers for greater mixing in a closed head drum. The bung mount mixer mounts onto standard 2″NPT bung port, fully enclosing the drum. For increased drum mixing collapsible impellers fit through 2″ Port and expand internally to provide increased mixing.



MMX 1000 Series - Drum Lid MountMMX 1000 SERIES DRUM MIXER
55 Gallon Drum Mixer Lid Mount
This 55 Gallon Drum Mixer is supplied with a drum lid to mount onto your drum tank. Center and offset mounting options are available. Center Mounting enables the use of larger diameter impellers for solid suspension and high viscosity applications Offset Mounting enables the baffling effect required for mixing in a 55 gallon drum.



MMX Series Drum Mixer


arrowMOTORS HP RANGE – 1/4 TO 2 HP
Air, electric, variable speed, explosion-proof, and more
arrowGEAR REDUCTION – DIRECT, 5:1, 10:1, 21:1
Low RPM mixing with substantial torque available
Multiple mounting options for open and closed head drums
Collapsible impellers offer increased mixing through 2″ opening

Note: We do not have one single model for 55 gallon drum mixers. We have drum mixers for each type of drum container and multiple configurations to address all the challenges of drum mixing.

If you are unsure of your industrial drum or barrel design…


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