SMX Series Side Entry Industrial Agitators


SMX Series Side Entry Industrial Agitators

SMX Series

Product Description

Dynamix’s SMX Series side entry agitators are your best solution for providing basic sediment re-suspension, blending, and temperature uniformity in large tanks.

Why? Because they have been engineered to be durable, leak-proof and easy to operate. They are relatively small compared to their tanks, and they eliminate the need for long shafts in extra tall tanks. This makes them more cost-effective than their top entry counter-parts.

The SMX Series side entry agitators feature robust engineering for use in applications ranging from 2,500 to 5,000,000 gallon tanks.

Key Features

arrowFor use in applications ranging from 2,500 to 5,000,000 gallon tanks

arrowMixer power options range from 1 to 75 HP

arrowOutput speed of 300 rpm

arrowMultiple shaft sealing options

arrowTank shut-off system

arrowStandard High-efficiency Dynaflow™ impeller

SMX Series Agitators


Standard NEMA C-face motors with a power range from 1 to 75 HP. Other motor configurations are available.

The SMX Series side entry mixers for storage tanks have a standard output speed of 300 rpm. With robust helical or helical bevel gearboxes and a minimum service factor of 1.5, these drives are built to last.The gears are constructed of SAE 8620 steel, with a minimum 58 Rockwell hardness. Ground to AGMA 13 quality rating, the gears will provide quiet, long-term operation.

NSX Series Side Entry Industrial AgitatorsThe rugged shaft support design ensures our side entry mixers can withstand all fluid forces, and the over-sized, tapered roller bearings have an L10 life of over 50,000 hours.A strong and rigid one piece housing design is crafted from SAE 30 gray iron, and features exceptional housing torsional stiffness and a thick housing wall section.

Leak Proof Operation Cartridge seals are standard with the SMX Series side entry industrial mixer. Other available configurations include:

  • Stuffing Boxes
  • Split Seals
  • Double Mechanical Seals

Have a specific brand in mind? We can install to match what customers have in their plant.

The SMX Series features a unique shut-off system design, which supports and locks the shaft so that you can easily and safely replace the mechanical seal. This innovative system minimizes maintenance downtime.


SMX Series Side Entry Industrial Agitators - Flange MountVarious sizes of our standard ANSI flange mount are available, making the SMX Series industrial agitator a highly flexible solution.This heavy-duty mounting system is compatible with existing standard tank flanges and is optimal for agitating large volume applications. Various sizes are available.

View all of our mixer mounting options here.

Large shaft diameters are able to withstand heavy mechanical loads.

Standard NEMA C-face motors with a power range from 1 to 75 HP. Other motor configurations are available.

High-Efficiency Dynaflow™: These standard airfoil blades are designed to maximize pumping for side-entry applications, creating the best blending per horsepower.

Carbon steel or stainless steel are standard construction materials. Other materials and coating options are also available to address issues such as abrasion / corrosion resistance.

Note: We do not have one single model for side entry industrial agitators. We custom engineer this heavy-duty class of mixers for each application.

Dynamix engineers this product line according to your application and process. Our Chemical and Mechanical Engineers come from various process industries and will work to understand and develop your design requirements.

If you are unsure of your industrial tank design…


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