The Story of Dynamix Agitators and Mixers


The Story of Dynamix Agitators and Mixers

Dynamix Agitators was borne out of the Energy and Natural Resources of Northern Canada. The success of our Agitators and Mixers is built on more than 45 years of process engineering experience. This means that our engineers can address more than just your mechanical mixer requirements. We work to understand your process and applications.

More than just a mixer manufacturer, the Dynamix engineering team works hard to develop a solution which addresses your specific requirements.

Our mixers range for 1/4 HP Utilily Mixers to 500 HP Industrial Agitators. This range of mixers allows us to serve a diverse group of clients.

Some of the world’s most respected companies trust Dynamix:


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Agitator and Mixer installation references and scope of work available on a case by case basis.
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