Drum Mixers


Drum mixers make up most of our MMX Series mixer line. Whether you are looking for an open head drum mixer, or a closed head drum mixer, we design and configure your mixer according to the same principals as our large industrial mixers.

Our attention to this class of mixers has generated the Universal Drum Mixer design, known as the “UDM”. The UDM mount is designed to mount to both open and closed drums for maximum flexibility.

OPEN HEAD DRUM Open Head Drum - Tank Mixers
CLOSED HEAD DRUM Closed Head Drum - Tank Mixers
UNIVERSAL DRUM MOUNT Universal Open/Closed Head Drum - Tank Mixers

Selecting a Drum Mixer


The drum mixer is a critical quality control tool that is largely overlooked by both the manufacturer and end user. Drum mixers are often the last point of quality control for many products. Almost all products have potential settling or separation issues. This means that product uniformity is critical at the dispense and usage stage. Dynamix has a complete line of drum mixers that can be configured to address separation and suspension issues, thus enabling product uniformity and quality.

Further to our UDM drum mixer mount design, we can configure a mixer to optimize your drum mixing. With our innovative 4-bladed collapsible impeller we are able to create the controlled mixing environment you expect form larger mixers.

In order to provide our Solution Assurance, we can design your mixing in drums, but this requires a special impeller and mixing approach. Closed head drums often have a 2″NPT, which restricts impeller size. For this we designed a collapsible impeller that enables proper axial mixing and mixing calculation in a drum.



Collapsible Impellers for Tank Mixers

The Dynamix 4-bladed collapsible impeller expands internal to the drum mixer’s 2″ NPT, allowing a controlled, pumping style of mixing instead of a high speed, high shear style. This pumping style of mixing offers greater mixing control so that we can address your drum and mixing objective directly.

Note: We do not have one single model for drum mixers. We have drum mixers for each type of drum and configurations to address all the challenges of industrial drum mixing.

If you are unsure of your industrial drum design…


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