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Effective tanks mixers require precise engineering and selection in order to balance power with efficiency. That is why Dynamix offers a full range of Mixing Equipment, and selects its mixers according to fundamental engineering principles. The result is quality mixing, that you can set your process to.

Tank mixers should be measured in time to uniformity, and this is what you get with our Solution Assurance – Peace of mind that your tank mixer will do the job in the time required by your process.

Several factors are taken into consideration in our initial communications. This allows us to select tank mixers that best addresses your environment, tank and most importantly, your product quality.

Dynamix innovation is recognized in how we adapt the tank mixers to your tank.

The medium class of tank mixers is generally applied
to tanks that range in volume from 250 – 10,000 Gallons:

DMX Series Tank Mixers GMX Series - Large Tank Mixers

Our liquid mixer lines can be configured to process your liquid application to your specifications. Dynamix is proud of its mechanical innovation, but our true value to you is in our understanding of your liquid and application.

The best approach to selecting a liquid mixer is often by the tank you are using to process your liquid. The application specifications of your liquid (fluid viscosity, specific gravity, etc.) are what drive the mixer configuration. Therefore we start with the Tank Type to help define your liquid mixers.

Do You Need Our


Because our success is built on yours, we’re not satisfied until you are. Every agitator and mixer that we design is backed by a performance guarantee, so that you don’t take any risks. If our agitator or mixer doesn’t bring your product to uniformity according to the approved specifications, we’ll replace it with one that does.

If you are unsure of your application or tank design…


Submit a quote request online, or call us directly at 1-877-331-0045 to find out how we can optimize the quality of your application results.

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