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Stainless steel tote mixers enable portable quality control for your product. Originally designed for the Automotive Industry the ITM stainless steel tote mixer is increasingly applied in new industries to increase quality control and economies of scale. The driver of this mixing concept is Quality Control. By fully enclosing your product in a stainless steel tote from the plant to end use, companies are able to extend their product quality beyond their back doors to the point of use.

Stainless steel totes are also used for inventory. These totes combined with the ITM tote mixer ensures that product can be manufactured and stored without degrading quality through settling or separation because that tote can be mixed and brought to specification at the end user site.

The ITM stainless steel tote mixer is configured with several Dynamix innovations, but most important is our knowledge of mixing challenges unique to steel tank or steel totes. Totes of all volumes and geometry can be mixed by our ITM Line of stainless steel tote mixers.

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These unique mixers are a response to a need for increased quality control in chemical mixing and re-suspending, as well as flexibility in chemical product supply. We believe that quality chemical mixing does not stop with large industrial tank mixers and process mixers.

By Engineering the ITM to suit your chemical process the ITM can become an integral part of your product quality control.



Collapsible Impellers for Tank Mixers

Our 4-Bladed Collapsible Impellers enable true axial flow mixing in a tote. These impellers enter through the small 6″ openings of the plastic tote and expand during mixing. Impellers are available in Dynaflow, Pitch and Radial type impellers.

ITM Mixers for Stainless Steel Totes


arrowMOTORS HP RANGE – 1/4 TO 2 HP
Air, electric, variable speed, explosion-proof, and more
arrowGEAR REDUCTION – DIRECT, 5:1, 10:1, 21:1
Low RPM mixing with substantial torque available
arrowMOUNTING – Integrated Tote Mount “ITM”, Bridge or Stainless Steel Drum Lid
Mounting options to suit your tank needs
A full range of fixed and collapsible impellers are available for this model

Note: We do not have one single model for stainless steel tote mixers. We have tote mixers for each type of tote container and multiple configurations to address all the challenges of tote mixing.

If you are unsure of your tote or tank design…


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