Dynamix incorporates more than 45 years of industrial mixing experience into each industrial mixer model, and the processes they are part of. Robust agitators and mixers that are configured to suit your process and application.

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Dynamix strives to understand your product and process needs so that we can custom engineer our agitators and mixers accordingly. Our understanding of your chemical product and industrial process ensures that your mixer will become part of a solution and a core capability in your process. This relationship with our clients allows us to extend our unique Solution Assurance Guarantee on many of our products.

Solution Assurance

Your Performance Guarantee

The difference between a Product and a Solution is the specific value added by a Solution. A Product is generically manufactured for a wide range of applications using a "one-size-fits all" approach that is driven by economies of scale instead of the individual needs of the end user. A Solution is designed according to specific client needs.

When the question is "Which mixer will ensure your product quality?", we not only join your Process Engineering team by designing our industrial mixers for your application and process, we also join your Quality Assurance team by supplying our Solution Assurance Guarantee.


Be sure to ask your Dynamix representative if Solution Assurance is available with your Dynamix Agitator.

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